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The goal of the Healthy Miners Sex Positive Peer Education program is to give students the information they need to make informed choices about how to protect themselves from HIV/AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases. It is also to teach students the skills they need to act on those healthy choices. Healthy Miner Peer Educators are health leaders on campus, empowering fellow UTEP students to make well-informed decisions about their sexual health and well being and positively influencing a healthy campus culture. Healthy Miner Peer Educators fulfill the program’s goal through receiving training, providing interactive and educational outreach activities such as presenting workshops to student groups, attending campus events and traveling around campus with the Live Well Hut to positively impact students; sexual health.

Being "Sex Positive" is where every touch is a wanted touch. It is when a person is sexually literate, comfortable and competent and more likely to make sexually healthy choices, including decisions concerning sexually risky behaviors ( Two Should Know Initiative Strategic Plan).




     Daniela Almeraz

     Dannia Almodóvar

     Javier Apodaca

     Enrique Ávila

     Zayra Barrientos

     Wendy Black

     Mary K. Gallegos

     Cecilia Gardea

     Laura Hernández

     Omar Hernández

Brittany Huerta

Francisco Méndez

Geneva Nieto

Jovana Nieto

Francia Ortega

Pilar Pacheco

Adriano Pérez

Ariana Ramírez

Brandon Thomas

Ramón Valles




     Alexandra Alba

     Priscilla Gutiérrez

     Paloma Moreno




Ortiz Diana2

Diana Ortiz

Healthy Miner Program Coordinator

College of Health Sciences





Dr. Thenral Mangadu

Dr. Thenral Mangadu

Assistant Professor

Department of Public Health


(915) 747-8516

Eileen Aguilar

Eileen Aguilar

University Wellness Manager

Col of Hlth Sci Dean's Office


(915) 747-6738